West Knoxville

Residents of West Knoxville area enjoy a wide-array of housing styles and prices. Regardless of what you are looking for in West Knoxville homes for sale, you are sure to find something in this area to meet your needs. The West Knoxville area has strong schools and a convenient location, close to shopping, restaurants, among many other popular destinations. The West Knoxville area has quite a few sub-areas including: Sequoyah Hills/Bearden, West Hills/Deane Hill/Rocky Hill, Westmoreland, and Cedar Bluff. Read on below to learn more about the sub-areas of West Knoxville.


Sequoyah Hills/Bearden

The Sequoyah Hills and Bearden area of West Knoxville has a great deal of character. Some homes in this area have breathtaking views of the Lake Loudon and the mountains. Sequoyah Hills and Bearden are close to downtown, but also very close to the West Town Mall Area. The Bearden and Sequoyah Hills area is also home to many popular restaurants as well, including Bistro by the Tracks, Nama, Chez Liberty, among many others. The Bearden and Seyuoyah Hills area is also home to many unique local shops.

West Hills/Deane Hill/Rocky Hill

The West Hills/Deane Hill/Rocky Hill area is a very popular part of West Knoxville, which is home to West Town Mall. Besides the mall, there are many popular restaurants [like McAllister’s and Brixx] and other shopping [like Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s] destinations. For those wanting to be close to everything, this area of West Knoxville could be right for you.


Much like the Cedar Bluff area, the Westmoreland area is tucked between the Farragut and Cedar Bluff areas and also close to the West Town area, making the Westmoreland area close to many popular destinations. The Westmoreland area, like the Sequoyah and Bearden area, has a great deal of character. For those wanting to have beautiful views of the water or mountains, this area has many homes that offer just that.

Cedar Bluff

The Cedar Bluff area is nestled between Farragut and the West Hills area, so its residents enjoy a very convenient location, close to both Turkey Creek and West Town Mall. Still, the Cedar Bluff area is home to many popular destinations as well, including a wide-variety of restaurants [like Chuy’s, Newk’s, and Aubrey’s] and shopping destinations [Best Buy and Academy Sports].

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