North Knoxville/Powell

Residents of North Knoxville enjoy are close to many popular destinations in Downtown Knoxville, including the Old City, Market Square, and Gay Street. The North Knoxville Area including Fountain City, Powell, and Hall have a wide range of housing options and prices.


Fountain City

The Fountain City area of North Knoxville is an older Knoxville neighborhood with lots of character and charm. Still, the area has undergone some expansion and development over the past few years. Fountain City is located off of the bustling streets of Broadway. Still, the streets of Fountain City are walkable and are great for exploring the charm Fountain City or taking a walk around Fountain City’s Duck Pond. For those that live in Fountain City, there are many popular restaurants and shops to choose from in the area. Fountain City most notably famous for Litton’s Market and Restaurant, which is famous for its amazing desserts, burgers, and onion rings. Fountain City is also home to the Creamery, which has delicious milk shakes. Fountain City is also just minutes away from Knoxville Center Mall.


The Powell and Halls area of North Knoxville are off of Emory Road. Both areas have seen a great deal of growth in recent years. In both Powell and Halls, you will find a mixture of the housing option. There are newer homes, older homes, homes closer to suburbia, and rural homes. Since both the Powell and Halls area have undergone quite a bit of development in recent years, residents will find they are close to many popular restaurants and shopping destinations. Powell and Halls are roughly ten minutes from Knoxville Center Mall and fifteen to twenty minutes from West Town Mall.

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