April 22, 2015

Why This Year Is A Great Time To Sell Your Knoxville Home

Many experts are predicting that 2015 will be the first year that the real estate market returns to normal. For anyone in Knoxville who is thinking […]
April 14, 2015

What Makes A Knoxville Home Right For You?

Buying a Knoxville home for sale is a largely personal decision. It is also one of the largest purchases a person will make in their lifetime, […]
March 25, 2015

3 Ways To Buy A Knoxville Home With No Money Down

For many Knoxville first time home buyers, one of the biggest struggles of buying a home is coming up with the down payment. Luckily, there are […]
March 20, 2015

3 Foolproof Decorating Strategies For Your Knoxville Home

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with an innate interior decorating talent. If you’re wanting to freshen up your Knoxville home or are struggling to […]
March 18, 2015

Knoxville Mortgage Terms From A To Z

If you’re using a mortgage to buy a Knoxville home for sale, the wide array of mortgage terms can be overwhelming, particularly if you are a […]
March 16, 2015

Knoxville Homes For Sale – Should You Buy A New Home Or An Existing Home?

Among one of the decisions buyers have to make when shopping for a Knoxville home for sale is whether to buy a new home or an […]
March 9, 2015

Knoxville Buyers – What Documents You Need To Apply For A Mortgage

One key step in buying a Knoxville home for sale is applying for a mortgage. For a majority of home buyers, a mortgage is necessary to […]
March 6, 2015

Why Your First Offer Is Always Your Best Offer

In real estate, there is an age old adage that, “your first offer is always your best offer.” But, when it comes to selling your Knoxville […]
March 5, 2015

3 Essential Things Knoxville First Time Home Buyers Must Know

With historically low interest rates and more loan programs available for first time home buyers, this year is likely a year many first time home buyers […]