Knoxville Among The Best Places To Retire in 2020

Knoxville is famous for a lot of reasons.

It’s home to the Tennessee Volunteers. It’s the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. And, it’s been fondly called the Scruffy City, after the Wall Street Journal questioned Knoxville hosting the 1982 World’s Fair.

But, did you know Knoxville is among the best places to retire in 2020?

Every year U.S. News & World Report compile a list of the best places in the US to retire. They rank the top 125 metropolitan areas based on how well theses cities are suited for retirement. In order to rank each city, they look at housing affordability, desirably of each city, health care, and overall happiness. Based on those rankings, they come up with a detailed list of the best places to retire.

In the list for 2020, Knoxville ranked #13 on the list overall. Other notable cities in the Southeast included [#4] Asheville, [#7] Winston-Salem, and [#8] Nashville.

Why Knoxville Is A Great Place To Retire

U.S. News & World Report noted that Knoxville was a great place to retire due to its affordability. Homes in Knoxville are extremely affordable compared to other major cities. Residents of Tennessee also enjoy having no state income tax, instead, there is a slightly higher sales tax.

Knoxville also has a great location making it easy to get to other major cities, due to its close proximity to cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville.

There’s also something for everyone in Knoxville. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Great Smoky Mountains are nearby. For those who love good food, Knoxville is home to a wide array of restaurants ranging from great local food trucks to fine dining. For those who love sports, there’s University of Tennesee football, Smokies baseball, the Knoxville Ice Bears, among others. There’s also something for everyone in between.

With a mild climate, residents of Knoxville still get to experience the change of four seasons but aren’t stuck with a long, nasty winter. Winters in Knoxville tend to be brief and there’s usually only a few days of snow.

Did You Know? Knoxville Has Appeared On Other National Lists

Knoxville may not be one of the biggest cities in the country, but it has appeared on many national lists.

Here are some of the lists that Knoxville has appeared on in the last few years:

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