Knoxville Among Best Cities For Eating Out Affordably

$10 for a domestic beer? Or, $8 for a coffee?

Eating out on vacation can be expensive. If you’re not careful, it can quickly drain your travel budget.

Luckily for those traveling to Knoxville, eating out won’t break the bank like other popular destinations in the US.

Knoxville was recently named among the best cities for eating out affordably by ranked the top 10 cities in the US where travelers could eat out affordably while on vacation. Knoxville ranked number 3 on the overall list of cities.

They were looking to name the best cities where travelers could eat a great meal and not have to pay a fortune for it. With data from Numbeo, Yelp, and WitLytic, they looked at the number of restaurants, the average price of food, and quality of food for each city. Based on that information, they compiled a list of 10 cities in the US where travelers could dine out affordably.

Why Knoxville Is A Great City For Dining Out

Knoxville is home to a wide range of restaurants suited for every budget. Whether you want to eat cheap or you want a gourmet meal, Knoxville has a slew of great restaurants to choose from.

For a delicious brunch, check out Balter Beerworks, where most breakfast options are between $10 and $13. Also, be sure not to miss the $1 mimosas or the $4 bloody mary. First Watch is another great breakfast option in Knoxville, with multiple locations throughout the city, where a majority of breakfast options are right around $10. You can have your choice of omelets, pancakes and beyond for a reasonable price at First Watch.

For a great lunch, enjoy most meals at Downtown Grill and Brewery for under $10. You even have the option of an Express Lunch at Downtown Grill and Brewery where your food will be ready in 10 minutes or less. Calhoun’s is another great lunch option. With a large selection of southern comfort food, a majority of items are between $12 and $15 for lunch.

Knoxville also has a great selection of dinner options where travelers can dine out affordably. Soccer Taco is a great option for those craving Mexican. It offers a wide range of options from $10 and up. Aubrey’s is another great option for dinner. With locations all over Knoxville, Aubrey’s is a convenient choice for a great meal.

Did You Know? Knoxville Has Recently Ranked On Other National Lists

Knoxville may not be one of the biggest cities in the country, but it has received a lot of national attention on many national lists. It’s received attention for being a great place to raise a family, an affordable city for outdoor lovers, and being an affordable place to live. And, that’s just a few of the recognitions Knoxville has gotten recently, here are a few other lists that Knoxville has appeared on in the last few years:

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