Here’s Why Buyers May Be Overlooking Your Knoxville Home For Sale

Has your home been sitting on the market with few showings and no offers? Are you wonder why other homes are selling in a matter of days and yours is not?

Unfortunately, if you play your cards wrong, you may be turning buyers off to your home before they even step foot in your home. There’s a pretty good chance there’s something they’re seeing about your home that makes them move on.

In this post, we’ll cover why buyers may be overlooking your Knoxville home for sale and what you can do to remedy the issue.

The Pictures Aren’t Doing It Justice

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. But, when the pictures to a listing are lackluster, they can make a buyer move on before they even venture to see a home. Even a great home can be overlooked due to poor picture quality.

Pictures can be of poor quality for many reasons. Pictures that are dark, blurry, aren’t rotated or where the flash catches on a mirror can all reflect poorly on a home. Smartphones can take great photos but that doesn’t mean that they will do your home justice.

There is an art to photographing a home. If you’re not experienced in doing this, it can help to rely on someone who is. A professional photographer or skilled realtor can help photograph your home in a way that it does your home justice.

The Price: Buyers Don’t Want To Bargain With An Unrealistic Seller

Besides pictures, the price of a home is another important factor for buyers. Price may be the single most important search criteria for any buyer. When a buyer looks at a home that they feel is overpriced, there’s a pretty good chance they may decide to move on without having looked at it.

Buyers don’t want to mess around with an overpriced home. When a home seems significantly overpriced in comparison to other homes around it, it will be pretty clear to any buyer who has been looking at homes in the price range. Even if a buyer does like the home, it can be hard to bargain with a seller who overprices their home in the first place.

A buyer isn’t going to want to pay more for a house than they have to and isn’t going to waste their time trying to bargain with a seller who was willing to overprice their home from the start.

Stale Listing: Too Many Days On The Market Smells Trouble

A stale listing smells trouble for buyers. When a home has set on the home longer than many other homes, they begin to wonder what may possibly be wrong with it. It may be overpriced, have a slew of issues, or have a stubborn seller.

Regardless, when a listing is old, it tends to spell trouble for buyers. So, what can you do to revive the life in an old listing?

The easiest thing to do is refresh the listing. Add new pictures and a great description that help show why a home is worth looking at. In addition, the best thing you can do to help revive a stale listing is to reconsider your price. When a home hasn’t sold at its current price for a long time, it can be worth re-evaluating the current price of your home.

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