Knoxville Named The Best City In America For Pet Lovers

Are you crazy about your fur baby? If so, Knoxville is the best city for you to live in.

Knoxville has been named the best city in America for pet lovers, according to

Knoxville ranked #1 on the list of 10 cities in America that cater to those who love their four-legged friends. The list of top pet cities was compiled based on the pet businesses per residence. These cities have a large number of vets, grooming facilities, pet supply stores, and dog parks.

The other top cities in America for pet lovers were as follows:

  1. Knoxville, Tennessee

  2. Dayton, Ohio

  3. Wilmington, North Carolina

  4. Columbia, South Carolina

  5. Orlando, Florida

  6. Scottsdale, Arizona

  7. Miami, Florida

  8. Lakeland, Florida

  9. Rochester, New York

  10. Billings, Montana

Knoxville is an extremely dog-friendly city. Knoxville has many different dog parks. In addition, dogs are allowed in all parks and on greenways so long as they are on a leash. Knoxville also has many dog-friendly restaurants where dogs are allowed on their patios. Dogs are allowed at Aubrey’s, Balter Beer Works, Casual Pint, The Chop House, Crown and Goose, Soccer Taco, and Stir Fry Cafe, just to name a few.

This is not the first time that Knoxville has topped a national ranking list in recent years. Here are a few other lists that Knoxville has topped in recent years:

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