Ways You’re Making Things More Difficult For Your Knoxville Realtor

There’s no denying that buying a Knoxville home is stressful, overwhelming, exciting, among many other things.

Sometimes, with some many emotions, buyers can get a little crazy. The stress and excitement can sometimes buyers to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. And, sometimes, these emotions can cause you do things that make things more difficult for your Knoxville realtor.

In this post, we’ll cover some common ways that buyers make a Knoxville realtor’s job more difficult.

You Demand All Of Their Time

There are some buyers that will demand all of a realtor’s time. What they tend to forget is that realtors do have other clients, so sometimes you’re not always the only client that a realtor has to worry about. Expecting a realtor to call you back at 10 p.m. or to be at your beckon call, can be a bit ridiculous.

It’s one thing to demand service from your realtor, but it’s another to expect that you get all of their time.

You’re 3 Years Away From Buying A Home

Before you buy a home, it can be helpful to get an idea of what’s on the market. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time looking online and getting familiar with what is selling in a particular location. This will make you a better more decisive buyer.

But, there is a line you can cross when you start your home search too early…

When you’re a few years out from buying a home, you should think twice before bugging a realtor multiple times a week to look at homes. It’s one thing to look at a home or two with a realtor, it’s another to be constantly looking at homes when you know you’re not serious about buying a home quite yet.

You may be waiting to gain a bit more equity in your home. Or, you may not be quite ready to buy a bigger home. Regardless, don’t got waste your time, a realtor’s time, and a seller’s time when you’re not actually serious about buying a home. This is especially amplified when you’re sending your realtor on wild goose chases about a property that you’re not serious about.

You’re Not Being 100% Honest

Finally, in order to have the relationship with your realtor work, it’s important that you’re honest with them. A realtor cannot help you if you’re only telling the half truths. While you don’t need to tell them your darkest secrets, you do need to be upfront and honest with your realtor. This will allow a realtor to do their job to his or her best ability.

There are certain times where buyers aren’t completely honest about what they’re doing from behind the scenes. Buyers may secretly be working with another realtor. Or, they may have made a secret agreement with the seller. When that is the case, you’re greatly impeding on their ability to do their job. At some point, these secrets come out and you could destroy a transaction altogether.

In addition, it hurts you to not be fully honest about what you’re looking for. A realtor can only help you find the perfect home when you’re honest about your housing needs. There is nothing wrong with being upfront and opinionated about what you’re looking for.

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