Did You Know Knoxville Is One Of The Hippest Cities In The US?

Did you know that Knoxville is one of the hippest cities in the US?

It recently ranked #13 on a list of cities in the US compiled by MoveHub.com. MoveHub is a site that specializes in making moves easier. It provides detailed information about cities across the globe, making distant moves much easier.

To determine the hippest cities in the US, MoveHub looked at the 150 most populous cities in the US. It ranked cities based on criteria that hipsters would find important. While there’s no true definition of a hipster, typically hipsters are between 20 and 30. They tend to be free-thinking and don’t tend to go with the mainstream. Typically, they embrace thrift stores, being vegan, craft beer, among other things.

MoveHub ranked each city based on five categories including the following: number of microbreweries, vegan stores, thrift stores, tattoo parlors and rent demand. Knoxville received nods for its high number of local boutiques, a large number of microbreweries and wine bars.

Here are the top 13 cities in the US that are considered to be the hippest:

  1. Vancouver, Washington

  2. Salt Lake City, Utah

  3. Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. Boise, Idaho

  5. Richmond, Virginia

  6. Tacoma, Washington

  7.  Spokane, Washington

  8. Atlanta, Georgia

  9. Grand Rapids, Michigan

  10. Rochester, New York

  11. Orlando, Florida

  12. Portland, Oregon

  13. Knoxville, Tennessee

This is not the first time that Knoxville has topped a national ranking list in recent years. Here are a few other lists that Knoxville has topped in recent years:

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