Did You Know…Knoxville Is One Of America’s Favorite Cities?

Knoxville was named one of America’s Favorite Cities by Travel + Leisure.  Knoxville ranked on #8 on the list of America’s Favorite Cities.

Every year, Travel + Leisure surveys their readers on their favorite cities in America. They get a variety of responses in over 65 different categories, based on that list, Travel + Leisure compiles a list of America’s Favorite Cities.

This was Knoxville’s first year to appear in the top 10 of this list. Knoxville received nods for its natural beauty, free downtown parking, barbecue, and live music. Knoxville is known for its various styles of barbecue that are present here, ranging from Memphis-Style to St. Louis-Style to Kansas City-Style barbecue.

Knoxville also received nods for its local entertainment. With free music at many local venues, readers noted the wide variety of music genres available throughout the city. In addition, Knoxville is home to many historic venues like the Tennessee Theatre and the Bijou.

Here is the complete list of cities appearing on the list of America’s Favorite Cities:

  1. Buffalo, New York

  2. San Antonio, Texas

  3. Providence, Rhode Island

  4. Norfolk, Virginia

  5. Nashville, Tennessee

  6. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  7. Richmond, Virginia

  8. Knoxville, Tennessee

  9. Raleigh, North Carolina

  10. Fort Worth, Texas

This is not the first time that Knoxville has topped a national ranking list in recent years. Earlier this year, Knoxville was named one of the hottest real estate markets by Zillow.  In 2015,  Knoxville was named one of the Best College Sports Towns, ranking #2 on the national list and was also named one of the Best Cities To Relocate To By The Huffington Post. In 2014, Knoxville was named one of America’s most affordable cities by Forbes.

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