Do You Need A Realtor When You Buy A New Construction Home In Knoxville?

You pick the floor plan. You pick the upgrades. You make the perfect home for you. There’s no denying that it can be appealing to buy a new construction home in Knoxville.

The decision to do so can be easy, especially when you’re not finding any homes that are suited for your needs. To be able to make a home exactly how you want it can be appealing for many reasons.

But, do you need a realtor when you buy a new construction home in Knoxville?

Yes, you absolutely do and in this post, we’ll explain why you need a realtor when you buy a new construction home in Knoxville.

Protect Your Best Interest

In any Knoxville real estate transaction, buyers need someone to watch out for their best interest. That’s why you need a buyer’s agent to watch out for your best interest.

Unfortunately, there are many times where buyers start looking at new construction and don’t get a realtor of their own. Instead, they rely on the listing agent to help them through the process. The unfortunate thing that many buyers don’t realize is that realtor is only responsible to the seller. So, you’re not hiring someone to watch out for your best interest.

When you’re buying new construction, you need someone to watch out for your best interest. It’s not any different than any other real estate transaction and it can sometimes be more complicated to navigate.

A buyer’s agent can help you find a reputable builder and can help guide you through the process, as not all builders come with a great reputation. Being in the business, realtors know which builders are reputable and which are not.

Help You Through The Process

Even if you’ve been through other real estate transaction before, the process of buying a new construction home is a bit different.

The contract alone can be very different from the standard real estate contract in Tennessee. The contract covers everything from when the home will be completed, to when you need to make decisions about upgrades, and how the earnest money will be handled. When you’re having a home a home built, it’s important to know you’ve got someone to turn to.

Negotiate The Contract

When you have a realtor of your own, he or she can help you negotiate a contract. You may think that with a new construction home there is no room for negotiation, but oftentimes, there is, you just need to know where a builder may be willing to negotiate.

A buyer’s agent of your own is the only person who can help do this for you. Some builders may not be willing to budge on the sales price, but they may be willing to help you out with closing costs or give you credits for upgrades.

When you buy a home, you need someone to watch out for your best interest during negotiations. A buyer’s agent is just the person for that.

Assist With Any Potential Hiccups

Finally, when you buy a new construction home in Knoxville, at some point or another, there will be a hiccup. That’s why it pays to have a Knoxville realtor working for you.

Your builder may take longer than expected. Or, your could encounter issues when you complete the home inspection. Or, the builder may not be providing the upgrades they promised. Regardless, it helps to have someone on your side should something go wrong.

Bottom Line: You Always Need A Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is a critical resource when you buy a home. Whether it is your first house or your fifth, a realtor is there to help you purchase a large investment. New construction purchases are the same as any other real estate transactions, so the need of a realtor is all the same.

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