4 Things You Should Do Immediately After Buying A Knoxville Home

You’ve found the perfect Knoxville home for sale. It’s been inspected, you’ve been approved for a loan, and you’ve successfully closed on it.

Now what? Obviously, it’s time to move in and make it your own. But, besides that, there are a few minor details you should square away after buying a home.

In this post, we’ll cover 4 things you should do immediately after buying a Knoxville home.

Change The Locks

Changing your locks should be something that you do immediately after a buying a Knoxville home. It may seem like you’re over paranoid if you do this, but you’re not.

You’ll be handed the seller’s keys at closing. But, there is no guaranteeing that you’ll be given all the keys. Family members, neighbors, realtors, friends, and handymen could all still have keys that have been forgotten about. It’s better to err on the side of caution and get the locks changed for peace of mind.

Re-keying your house isn’t a large expense. It can be anywhere from $40 to $100, depending on the number of locks and keys that you need.

Forward Your Mail

After closing on your home, you should make sure that you take care of forwarding your mail. You’ll want to be sure to take care of this prior to moving into your home. You can specify when exactly you want your mail to be forwarded, depending on when you plan to move in.

You can easily take care of forwarding your mail by going to the US Postal Service online.  Simply fill out the form online with your information and your mail will be forwarded. You can also visit your local post office and fill out a change of address form.

It can be important to take care of forwarding your mail so that you don’t miss anything important. There are many mortgage companies that sell loans immediately after closing, so it can be important to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Update Your Address

Even though you may forward you mail, it’s important to go ahead and update your address with the important places that matter. When you mail is forwarded, it can still take some time to get your mail.

Here are a few examples of who you’ll want to notify for your change of address:

  • Credit card companies
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Your bank
  • Friends and family members
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctors
  • IRS

It can take awhile to fully update your address with everyone, but changing your address with the post office will at least ensure in the meantime that you’re getting your mail.

Put Your Closing Documents In A Safe Place

In all the chaos of closing and a move, it can be easy for closing documents to get lost in the shuffle.

After closing it can be important to put closing documents in a safe place. This will ensure that you’re able to find them when you need them. You’ll want to have them handy if you need them to turn on utilities and when you need them to do your taxes.

In this day and age, programs like Evernote make it possible to store documents safely and securely. It also makes them easy to find and access from your cellphone, computer, and tablet.

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