5 Referrals You Should Get From Your Knoxville Realtor

Need a handyman?

Need someone to fix your AC unit?

Need a plumber?

Or, need a great home inspector?

Knoxville realtors know a lot of different professionals. Whether it be a plumber or handyman, Knoxville realtors know who to turn to when there is a home related problem.

When you’re in the business of selling homes, things can happen at the last minute. When a basement floods or an AC unit goes out days prior to closing, Knoxville realtors know who to call. They know the dependable professionals who come at affordable prices.

Here are 5 referrals you need to get from your Knoxville realtor.

Loan Officer

A referral to a good loan officer may be one of the very best referrals you can get from your Knoxville realtor.

Here me out on this.

Realtors see a lot of different things during real estate transactions. They see the really great loan officers that are hands on, get things closed on time, and communicate with the clients. They also see the not so great loan officers who don’t communicate and don’t close on time.

You may choose your realtor first or you may choose your loan officer first. Regardless, it can be helpful to ask your realtor for a referral on a loan officer. Realtors know which loan officers will take good care of you and those that won’t.

Trust us on this one, this is one referral you want from your realtor.

Home Inspector

A home inspector is another referral you should get from your Knoxville realtor.

Oftentimes, as a buyer, you don’t necessarily know a good home inspector. Knoxville realtors typically have a list of two or three people they can recommend to do your home inspection. Based on that list, you can research each inspector and see which one is the best fit for you.

Realtors know which home inspectors are more thorough than others and which home inspectors offer a more competitive price.

You want a home inspector who has a good reputation and doesn’t cut corners. A Knoxville realtor can refer you to someone with a good reputation.


With the exception of a loan officer, a handyman is another really great referral from your Knoxville realtor.

There are many times where a real estate transaction needs a handyman on the fly. When you’re just hours away from closing and an item needs to be fixed, it’s typically your realtor’s trusted handyman who comes in and saves the day.

Realtors usually have their list of go to professionals who they use for repairs. This can be a great referral to get from your agent because the handyman has been well tested. If the handyman comes through for your realtor on a regular basis, he or she will come through for you when you need it.

Title Company

When you buy a Knoxville home, it’s your choice to pick the title company.

Your Knoxville realtor can be a great source for referring you to a reputable title company. In Knoxville alone, there are tons of title companies to choose from. As a buyer, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will work best for you.

Knoxville realtors have experience with many different title companies. At one point or another, they’ve probably closed at a majority of title companies in Knoxville. Your realtor can help refer you to a company that will take care of you at closing and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

It’s important to note that not all title companies are created equal. Under the new regulations that went into effect in October of 2015, a reputable title company should be ALTA certified. An ALTA certified title company ensure that you’re closing with a company with a good reputation and that will protect your privacy. In order to become ALTA certified, a title company must go through a series of audits to prove that they are in compliance with TRID regulations.

Termite Inspector

Finally, a termite inspector may be another referral to get from your Knoxville realtor.

In most real estate transactions, you’ll need to get a termite inspection done on a property. Even if you’re not required to, you may want to get the home inspected anyhow.

If you’re like most buyers, you may not have a termite company in mind. Your realtor can be a good resource to get a termite referral from.

Most realtors have a list of a few companies that they’ve worked with that can complete a termite inspection quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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