4 Ways To Make Your Knoxville Realtor’s Job Easier

You have a very intimate bond with your Knoxville realtor when you sell your Knoxville home.

(Hint: If you don’t, it may be time to choose another Knoxville realtor.)

There is a mutual trust between a seller and an realtor. Not only does a realtor serve to sell a home quickly and for the best price possible, he or she also wears many other hats during the process. A realtor will serve as a counselor when a seller is stressed out, a negotiator when it’s time to negotiate a contract, a photographer when it comes to preparing the listing for the home, among many other things.

When there is a strong trust between a seller and a realtor, transactions tend to go smoother and communication is more open. Here are 4 ways to make your Knoxville realtor’s job easier because when you do that, houses sell faster and everyone is happier.

You Communicate

Open, honest communication will make your Knoxville realtor’s job much easier. A realtor can have no idea what you’re thinking without you vocalizing it.

From the start, it’s important that you let your realtor know what you’re thinking you’d like to net from the sale, how urgent it is to sell your home, or if you have certain quirks about showing notifications (i.e. you have kids or pets. Knowing these things will only make a realtor’s job easier.

 You Keep It Clean

There are certain things that should be common sense when it comes selling your home and keeping your home clean is one of them. A Knoxville realtor shouldn’t have to remind you to do something so basic as keeping your home clean. Still, there are those sellers that need the constant reminders to keep their homes clean.

It’s much easier for a home to sell when it’s clearly kept clean. Would you really be impressed with a home when there are dirty dishes all over and dirty clothes thrown all over the floor? Neither would buyers. Keeping your home clean will make the sale of your home much easier for you and your agent, who won’t be stuck nagging you to clean up your house.

You’re Flexible About Showings

You will make your Knoxville realtor’s job much easier when you’re flexible about showings. After all, your home can only sell when you allow potential buyers in to see it.

Last minute showings? Evening showings? Showings in the middle of the day on a weekend? Yes, they happen all the time when you’re in the process of selling your home. There is no denying that as a seller it can be a real pain and inconvenience, but the more you’re flexible, the easier it will be.

It can make a realtor’s job very difficult when you’re a pain about showings. A realtor can only help sell your home when buyers are able to see it and fall in love with it.

You See The Bigger Picture

Finally, you’ll make your Knoxville realtor’s job much easier when you are able to see the bigger picture. There are times where sellers can be so focused on one small detail, they get caught in a tailspin.

When you are able to see the bigger picture as a seller, you’ll have a leveler head during the process. When you sell your home, there is a lot at stake. You’re worried about the price, how soon it will sell, and moving on to the next home. Don’t get so caught up in negotiations that you’re fighting over a few hundred dollars, you may miss out on a good buyer.

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