What Knoxville Realtors Wish Every Buyer Knew

Knoxville Realtors are in the business of selling houses.

Throughout the process, Realtors see a little bit of everything, some good, some bad, and some altogether scary.

While a majority of the experiences are rewarding, there are some things the Knoxville Realtors wish every buyer knew to make the process easier for all of those involved.

If you’re in the process of buying a Knoxville home for sale this year, here are 3 things Knoxville Realtors wish every buyer knew.

Realistic Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations when buying a Knoxville home, or at least that’s what most Realtors wish buyers understand the importance of this.

There are a lot of home buyers that jump into buying a Knoxville home for sale without much prior knowledge of what to expect out of the Knoxville real estate market, so sometimes, buyers can have some unrealistic expectations about buying a Knoxville home for sale.

Unrealistic expectations can range anywhere from how much they can afford, what a particular price range has to offer, and how much a seller may be willing to budge on prices and other concessions.

This is why it can be so important to start working with a Realtor and loan officer from the very beginning. They’re in the business of helping people buy Knoxville homes, so they’re they’re to help you get through the process.

Comprehension Of The Numbers

Another thing that many Realtors wish every buyer knew where a true understanding of the numbers involved in a transaction.

Buying a Knoxville home for sale is more than just how much you get pre-approved for, there are other costs involved with buying a home including inspections, closing costs, and just the simple cost of moving.  Be sure to talk with an experienced loan officer to know how much Knoxville home you can afford.

If you’re confused about how things work, it’s important that you ask questions along the way. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything. That’s why you have a loan officer and realtor to help guide you through the process.

Know What You Can Afford

It’s important to know what you can afford. This is one thing that every Knoxville realtor wishes you knew. By knowing what you can afford, you start out on the right foot from the start.

Picture this, for fun, you start looking at homes at are $250,000. The homes in the $250K price range come with updated kitchens, large square footage, and tons of updates. You find one you like, so you get pre-approved, only to find out that you can only afford up to $175,000.  You’re heartbroken and when you start looking at homes in your price range, they don’t even compare.

It’s best to set realistic expectations from the start. Looking at homes without knowing what you can afford, wastes your time, your realtors time, and gives you the wrong expectations.

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