How To Write An Offer That Any Knoxville Seller Will Love

Once you find that perfect Knoxville home for sale, it’s time to write an offer.

This is the make or break moment for any buyer.

There is a bit of an art to writing the perfect offer. It’s a mix of getting what you want and wooing the seller into accepting an offer.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to write an offer that any seller will love.

Win With Price

Price is a big thing for every seller. Every seller is concerned about price on some level, but every seller is a little bit different on the degree of price they’re concerned with.

When it comes to writing an offer on a Knoxville home, there are a few different things to consider when thinking about price:knoxvilleoffer

  • Competition. Depending on the price range and area, there may be tons of competition or there may not be any. If there is other competition, you’ll want to consider writing at a higher price to ensure that your offer gets accepts.
  • Comparable Properties. Even if you absolutely love a house, it’s always important to take a look at what other homes have sold in the area. You don’t want to write an offer too high and end up regretting it later or having difficultly with an appraisal.
  • Days On The Market. Days on the market matter. If a home has just hit the market, a seller may be willing to wait it out for a better offer, so you may want to up your price a bit. In contrast, if the home has been on the market for awhile, the seller may be willing to give one price a bit to be done with the home.

Price will always play a huge role for both buyers and sellers. You want the seller to be happy with price, but you also don’t want to write an offer that you feel uncomfortable with and end up regretting it later.

When considering price, talk with your agent about what a reasonable price would be. It’s ultimately you’re call what you decide to offer, but it can be good to have a professional opinion to compare it to.

Appeal To Emotions

Even though homes are financial investments, many sellers have strong emotional ties to their home. After spending countless holidays and having many memories, many sellers can be emotional with parting with their home.

When you find the perfect home that you want to write an offer on, you can get emotional, too. You can see yourself moving furniture in and making memories in the home.

You can help your offer standout by sharing these emotions with the seller by writing a personal letter to the seller and submitting it with your offer. Explain what it is about the house that you love and what it was like when you found the right house. Express your excitement of finding the right house to move into and make memories in.

Many sellers like to know that the buyer that is moving into the house has an emotional attachment, too. While this isn’t as big of a card to play as price, it can let the seller know a bit more about you and may make them more willing to want to work with you.

Make Things Easy

Some offers can come loaded with crazy contingencies and ask a lot of a seller. knoxville sellers

Even if the offer comes with a good asking price, offers ask a lot of the seller and come with lots of contingencies from the buyer can cause a seller to consider another offer.

The easier you make things on the seller, the better. No seller wants a complicated transaction.

Here are a few things that can make things easier on the seller:

  • Quick Close Date. Many sellers want to move on, so picking a close date that is sooner rather than later can be best.
  • Show You’re Pre-Approved. Submitting a pre-approval shows that you’ve done your homework and you’re a solid buyer.
  • Offer A Short Inspection Period. Showing that you’ll do an inspection quickly shows that you take the transactions seriously.
  • Ask Only For Necessities. Instead of asking for closing costs, a home warranty, and all of the appliances, consider only asking for what you absolutely need. Those items weigh down on a seller’s bottom line.

Bottom Line – It’s A Two Way Street

It can be easy to forget that a transaction is a two way street. While your needs as a buyer are important, it can be important to consider what a seller may be wanting, too. By getting into a seller’s head a bit, you can set your offer apart from the competition.

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