3 Resolutions For Every Knoxville Home Buyer

At the the start of every new year, people often make resolutions. If you’re thinking about buying a Knoxville home for sale this year, here are 3 resolutions for every Knoxville home buyer.

One resolution every Knoxville home buyer should have is to get pre-appoved from the very start. A mortgage pre-approval is different than getting pre-qualified. A pre-approval is more involved than a pre-qualification and actually means that a lender has looked at your finances and credit to determine how much you are eligible to buy. While it is not loan approval, it hold much more weight. It will make you more prepared for the home buying process and make you more appealing to sellers. In addition, if there are any issues that need to be tweaked you’ll be more likely to be able to deal with them. There’s nothing wrong with getting pre-approved early on, as a mortgage pre-approval is good for 90 days.

Another important resolution every Knoxville home buyer should have is to find a Realtor. As a buyer, it is important to find the right Realtor to represent you. While you may have a friend of a friend who is a realtor or you have a family member or colleague who insists you use their Realtor, that does not necessarily mean that person is the right Realtor for you. Do some research and find someone you feel comfortable with. A great Realtor is there to help you make the biggest purchase of your life.

Finally, every buyer should make the resolution to take advantage of interest rates while they remain low. Many experts are predicting that interest rates will rise in the second half of the year, so if your lifestyle and finances allow you to, take advantage of the low interest rates early one. Many buyers opt to wait until the spring and summer to buy, but this year, it will likely be to your full advantage to buy early on.

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